Monday, February 11, 2013

The Top 14 Most Romantic Restaurants In Riyadh

Riyadh and Romance don't exactly go hand in hand do they? Despite its boring reputation, Riyadh has some surprisingly romantic restaurants where lovers can find a nice quiet spot. I've noticed that some of the best restaurants in Riyadh are also the most romantic. With the upcoming Valentine's Day next weekend, many couples are going to eat out in Riyadh. Here's my top list of romantic restaurants found in Riyadh for some tips on where to head for that special Valentine's Day romance!

1. The Globe, Cristal and Cigar Lounge Faisaliyah Tower
Probably the best views in town. Dine high above the city lights indulging on exquisite dishes made by some of the world's top chefs in a luxurious setting. Extra bonus the ladies can take abayas off. The Globe Summit event takes place this weekend for more details check here:

2. Spazio, Kingdom Tower
The second best views in town. Great food and ambiance. Enjoy some sushi and a chance to walk on the Sky Bridge.

3. Mondo Intercontinental Hotel
One of the only places you will find a table next to a water source. Mondo has an outdoor seating area by the poolside. Fantastic food and romantic music.

4. Appetit Kitchen Tahlia Street
What could be more romantic than an evening out in Paris? Appetite Kitchen is as close to being in the real thing as you can get in the sand pit. Dimmed lights, cozy atmosphere, sophisticated music and best of all, candlelit dinner!

5. Cento Per Cento Olaya Street
Book your own beautifully decorated private room with a set 7 course menu for an all out evening.

6. Fairuz Garden King Fahad rd.
Beautiful design, dim lights, and you can book a table in advance which they especially decorate for you with rose pedals and candles. Choice of sitting outside with a view to the Kingdom tower.
7. Maya La Chocolaterie Ourouba rd.
The ultimate place for all chocolate lovers, the chocolaterie offers an extensive menu of pure indulgence in a warm atmosphere with soulful music playing in the background. This love clinic will get your endorphins running high!
8. L'Olimpo end of Tahlia Street, Dhabab rd.
This restaurant looks like it belongs somewhere in Italy, the decor inside is romantic with fountains and an overall very Italian feel. Choice of small outdoor seating area or private rooms.

9. Hediard Tahlia Street
Another option for outside family section dining. Prime location on the rooftop on Tahlia street.

10. Azurro Ritz Carlton
Another poolside restaurant, this Italian will make you feel like royalty with six star service and views to the spectacular inside pool area.
11. Lenotre Cafe Centria Mall
Lenotre has some of the best desserts in town, served in a fab setting on a terrace overlooking Olaya street and the Kingdom tower.

12. La Vela Centria Mall
Dine inside at the fabulously decorated La Vela or outside on their terrace with views to the Faisaliyah tower and down to Tahlia street. Candles, great ambiance and tasty desserts!
13. Amore Tahlia Street
The name says it all, this Italian has some of the best pizzas and pasta in town and great service in a modern setting.

14. Scalinis in Diplomatic Quarters. This Italian restaurant is located in the Fazari plaza area and female guests can remove their abayas. Nice decor, good food and one of the safest places to dine for those looking for muttawa-free areas.

What are your favorite romantic restaurants in Riyadh? What would you add to this list?

P.S. My husband wants to mention he does not agree with this post because he thinks I'm promoting Valentine's day :D


Anonymous said...

hahaha i loved ur husband's comment, he is right lol

American Bedu said...

An excellent review, Layla!

Lisa said...

congratulations to such a bad husband who is against valentines! ofc saudis are against all nice and lovely things. i still hope you will have a nice feb 14th and when i will come by riyadh i will have a meal at #14 ;)

Fayez said...

Another worthy mention: La Cucina in Faisaliah. Great food and decor.

Anonymous said...

We just returned from Riyadh this morning. I wish I had read this yesterday, because we were looking for a nice place to eat. One of these places would've been nice. O well, maybe next time, insha Allaah.

Btw, your husband is right. You are promoting Valentines Day, which is unIslamic (shirk to be exact). It seems that you're aware that this is incorrect by stating that your husband is against it. It is good that he frees himself from what you post, but it would be even better if you took down this post and offered a disclaimer against Valentines Day.

May Allaah guide you to what is correct and grant the good that you do be a benefit to yourself and to others, ameen

Layla said...

lol I told him people are going to think he's weird

Layla said...

Thanks Carol!

Layla said...

LOL well he is not bad at all :) brings flowers and takes me out to dinner occasionally and when I'm feeling blue he makes me Finnish pancakes, so that's sort of like Valentine's day over and over right ;)

#14 is in my neighborhood, I can actually walk to that restaurant!

Layla said...

Thanks for the recommendation Fayez, I fully agree :)

Coolred38 said...

Nice post interrupted by anonymous negative comments as usual.

btw I thought Saudi haya made sure nothing pink or red was within view during this time of the year? Have they softened their stance finally? LOL

Layla said...

Coolred38- Yup! Nothing new here, just the usual Negative Nelly's :D
First they say how they wish they'd seen the post earlier, then the next sentence, you should delete this post...hmmm.

Layla said...

Oh to answer your question about the red, for sure they will be on the lookout this weekend, what else do the muttawa have to do than terrorize people :p

Anonymous said...

There are few restaurants here in Yanbu - far from romantic!. Will live vicariously through you & your photos, enjoy!


Unknown said...

we were at cento per cento last night....its our val's day place...hav been goin thr for the past 3 years n its still awesome!!but spazio was a big disappointment...the food is over priced n forgettable!!lolimpo n fayruz gardens r good.m going to try out ur other suggestions!!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that in one restaurant, the ladies do not have to wear abayas. How does that happen? Is it considered not to be in public? As for promoting, not promoting Valentines day - well, a sense of humor is good to have not matter what religion you are, right? After all, I'm not catholic, but got lovely flowers, a card, dinner, and candy from my husband (just to remind me that he loves me). He does that other days too, but it's always nice to be told again :).

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog from time to time, because you share a lot of nice information. I like good resturaunts, festivals and events. You're blog is one of few that keeps the expat up to date for such things.

Nevertheless, there are some things that you promote that go against the Qur'aan and Sunnah; in additon to on occasion, you'll make mockery/unIslamic statements about Islam and or Muslims (Muttawa, Haya, etc.). You are to be advise that this is not correct. It is a duty upon every Muslim to adivse he/her brother/sister in Islam. Now, if you're not Muslim, then, I free myself of you.

I meant what I said in my first post. I truly wish that I had read your post on these resturaunts, as I would have like to eat some place nice while in Riyadh this past week. My spouse and I have some time to ourselves before the kids arrive, so we're trying to enjoy this time.

Thank you for your beneficial posts and may Allaah guide you and me to that which is correct, ameen