Friday, April 6, 2012

April Activities For Women

I meant to post this on Tuesday as the Tuesday Ten post but what stopped me was the move from hell which we experienced this week! On Tuesday believe it or not I was sleeping on the floor in the new apartment while the beds and foods were being held hostage overnight in the moving truck by the greedy and totally unprofessional moving firm men. If you want to hear all about this moving experience with not one but two incompetent unprofessional and rude moving companies then go to this post:

And now to the positive things! Sorry men of Riyadh but you're out of luck this April! Looks like there's TONS of stuff to do this month but mostly it's for the ladies in Riyadh. This is the month of exhibitions so be sure to check out at least one of these if you haven't been to a female only expo in Riyadh yet! Not to missed! For my previous experiences at women only expos check this post about the Blue Harbour exhibtion here:
And this one on the Palla Mano expo:
I cannot stress how much fun it is to go these and it's a great chance for the female expatriates in Riyadh to get to know some Saudi women too. I often hear women complaining it's impossible to meet and talk to Saudi women here. This is your best chance to see them without any barriers such as the veil and abaya and out of the public eye. You will find Saudi women very friendly, welcoming and curious toward expats at these expos.

1. Riyadh Fashion Days 8-11th April at Nojoud Mall:

2. Wedding Fair at Nayyara Banquet Hall 22nd-25th April:

3. Cosmo Beauty Fair 2012 Four Seasons Hotel 21st – 23rd Apr:

4. Go Karting at Reem International Circuit 5pm - 12 am. Every Thursday and Friday.
For more info call 0569082900

5. Join Riyadh Quilt Guild more info here:

6. For women in Saudi participate and learn at the Glowork Workshops:!/Glowork1/status/185997229817987072/photo/1/large
Job search for women in Saudi:

7. GCON 1st Girls Gaming Convention! April 11th-12th, PSU:

8. Write a restaurant review and win an iPad:

9. Riyadh Women's Exhibition 16th to 23rd April:

10. Art Expo by Abdulnasser Gharem 10th-12th April, French Embassy, DQ more info:


Boxie said...

0_0 all girls gaming con! That is a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu Alikum!

I've recently moved to Riyadh and I'm looking for a women's swimming centre- if such a thing exists! Or a leisure centre providing swimming sessions for women.

Do you have any idea?


MH said...

wa alaikum as-Salaam

Welcome to Riyadh! Manahil leisure centre in the DQ (Diplomatic Quarter) on King Khalid road is a ladies-only facility with swimming pool. There is also a bigger place nearby in the DQ for families with 2 pools - indoor and outdoor which alternate men/ladies each day.

Anonymous said...

I am new in Riyadh and looking for ladies and kids who are interested in learning Indian classical dance(kathak) and bollywood dance as I am an expert from the same field,also wanted to know that can non Saudi girls get job in banks or not, I am a graduate and looking for a reputed job in bank.I will be glad if you kindly guide me for the same,

Hilary Beath said...
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Hilary Beath said...

Have you joined The Ladies Club of Riyadh facebook page? There are a lot of Indian and Pakistani women who belong to that group and it would be a good place to find friends and those who might want to learn to dance. Also the Women's Skills Bureau, www dot wsb-ksa dot com, is a good site to look for work.

Hilary Beath said...

If you want another list of more things to do this April, you can go to the Women's Skills Bureau site, www dot wsb-ksa dot com and look on the right hand side for the newsletter to download. There is not only a page of April events, but also a page of regular activities, as well as links and contacts for them. For more activities, search on facebook for ALTERnatifs, and also for Saudi Arts & Crafts. Both pages have different activities going for women, beyond the usual coffee mornings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for such an informative reply. I will join ladies club page on facebook soon.once again thanks

Anonymous said...

A gaming convention!? That's freaking awesome.

Layla said...

There's also indoor swimming pools in Al Multaka center and Yibreen spa has an outdoor pool both have lessons as well!

Sdf said...

Hi, Riyadh Women's Exhibition 16th to 23rd April, is this only for Saudi Ladies, or anyone can come?

Layla said...

sdf-all expos are open to everyone!

Afsal_ Alif said...

Aaahh....I really luv'd that Kingdom Tower, nite view Pic. So,keeping the cursor over it, I right clicked !! U are so cunning that u won't even allow ur blog viewers to copy or save the images......!! :-)) ny how ,Nice blog......!!
liked it !!

Jason @ Game Convention Central said...

Any idea how GCON went? Or if they are planning to do it again this year?