Monday, July 25, 2011

Human or Hayawaan?

I came across this disgusting video of young Saudi guys harassing fully covered women on the street. They are shamelessly groping the girls private parts.

Shame on them. It's sickening and upsetting to watch.
There are so many questions that come to mind from such behavior. Is this behavior of civil human beings or wild animals (hayawaan)?

Harassment happens everywhere in the world but when it happens in Saudi-Arabia, when it gets physical and when the targets are veiled Saudi women, it just makes it somehow more shocking because of the culture that surrounds it.
How can a country that is based on Islamic teachings breed this sort of animalistic behavior?
Where are the good manners and respect of women that are taught in the Quran and the prophetic teachings over and over again in the very schools these young men attended?
What kind of examples are their fathers giving them?
How could these men dare to physically attack fully veiled women?
Is the strict gender segregation turning young men into sex crazy animals like these Kenyan monkeys, also in the news recently for sexually harassing women.
Saudi-Arabia is the only country in the world that practises separating the two genders. And is this the result?
What if the girls in the video were his sisters? I bet these same guys would KILL any man harassing their sisters like this.
Where are the religous police when they are needed most? Hai'a would probably arrest and blame the girls for walking out alone..You had it coming at you! You were being promiscious and looking for trouble! The poor men could not control themselves. As if the men were the victims of these seductresses.
What is the veil for? Is it not supposed to protect women from harassment and rape? To command her respect?
So what went wrong with the upbringing of these men if they show such disrespect toward veiled women?
What can be done to stop such behavior? I suggest filming all incidents and posting them online like this one! That should bring needed public shame on the men and their families.

The men in the video and the monkeys in Kenya definitely have something in common.


Um Dayo said...

This makes me sick to my stomach. It makes all the lectures I have heard on how wearing hijab protects you, makes men respect you, etc. just sound like such a load of crap. what the hell is wrong with these men?! and what the hell is wrong with the guy who was video-taping the incident?! Allah give them what they deserve. It pisses me off in ways I can't express when women are blamed for EVERYTHING a man does wrong. The wives of the Prophet, pbuh, went out at night ALONE to the fajr prayers. Women are permitted to go to the masjid any time, day or night. Maybe that's what these women were doing! Or maybe since women are forbidden from driving, they had no way to get home from their friend's house!

hebah said...

those men have no respect for any women, it would have made no difference whether or not they where covered or not.

Blue Pearl said...

رمضان مبارك |
Ramadan Mubarak
اللهم بلغنا رمضان |
Oh Allah, allow us to witness the month of Ramadan

Kiwi said...

I'm glad there was someone with a video, else there would be no evidence that young Saudi men do harass fully veiled women. Many women complain of harrassment (although I'm not sure how much is of this physical nature) but very few have proof.

Should they complain, it is highly likely the young women would cop the blame for inciting these young men with their fully covered sexuality. It wouldn't surprise me if the Powers That Be considered lashing out with a handbag wasn't a defensive move but a come on.

Is there anywhere in Saudi that teaches women self-defense? As good Islamic teaching obviously wasn't present, a good kick in the goolies might've sorted out the horny toad.

Lavender © said...

I remember when this happened.. the sad thing is MANY people blamed the girls for this.. saying they were asking for it by walking outside alone at that hour in that neighbourhood.. Its sick! very sick! sometimes I wonder if these guys have mothers or sisters?!?!?!

The guy (a friend of theirs) with the camera was cheering the guys on to 'Screw her*, and then saying ya Sudaniyaa... implying that the girls were not Saudi girls... :(

I believe those guys got in trouble.. don't recall what the punishment was though...

Lavender © said...

and to answer your titles question.. definitely ANIMALS!

Layla said...

I wish there were more videos out there of this type of harassment, in fact all Saudi women that get targeted should start video taping the guy or at least take pictures with their mobile phones and put it online!

There are not many places that teach self defense in Saudi, I only know of one place where women can learn taekwondo and kickboxing :)

Om Lujain- I knew it! They blamed the girls, how sick!!

TRG said...

AstaghfirAllah! Where are the PVPV when ya need them? What those boys were doing is a form of rape. They should all be put in jail, fined up the wazoo and lashed for good measure.

Anonymous said...

This gave me goosebumps! Such a PIG!

M.Kaitaniemi said...

Sick acting of these boys. There might be some truth behind of what you did wrote about separating.

When separate genders there comes lot bigger issue of knowing opposite gender. Not every boy hasn't got good manners at home.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely horrifying. It made me cry. This is definitely NOT human behaviour.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea this could happen in Saudi. What an eye opener. Thanks for posting it. Those guys and the monkeys might just be related!
Love your blog keep it up.


Sandy said...

This is not an Islamic country at all. It is a Patriarchal/Tribal one which is why women have the low status that they do. The PVPV people would probably have not been much help they are a product of the same Patriarchal/Tribal system that assigns such a low value to women. Then they all try to dress it up as Islam. And even worse use petro-dollers to fund the propagation of this unhealthy form of society.

Layla said...

Hi Sandy and Nick thanks for your comments!
Well I have to agree that the country is based on a patriarchal and tribal system.And it might not be doing any good to the country either..

But you would think that their tribal mentality would tell them NOT to touch "some other mans property". Also shouldn't the patriarchal point of view teach them to be more respectful of women because they "belong" to another man, therefore not to be messed with. Just a thought.

Sandy said...

I think the property is supposed to stay home and concealed- otherwise it's asking for it. I think if the property is out and about- obviously the tribe is not very strong and it's leaders not in control- therefore "fair game".

Of course it leads to problems as some elements of society become more enlightened and realize this is wrong. And of course they care very much if their women are harassed. But the legal system still tends to be on the primitive side.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if the women did know karate and kicked the men's a**es who did such things? Now that would be the best videos to get and post online. Not only would they be ashamed of their behavior but a good whippin' from a girl would further embarrass and emasculate them. Shame shame on those guys. OoooOoo I wish those girls knew how to kick some butts!

Layla said...

That would be so awesome! I wish that would happen too :)

Anonymous said...

Are Muslim women allowed to strike Muslim men?

Anonymous said...