Monday, May 31, 2010

Blue Harbour exhibition in Riyadh

Good news for all the ladies in Riyadh, there is going to be another exhibition for women only, held at the Mercure hotel near Granada mall. Starting today May 31st to 1st June.
The exhibition is called "Blue Harbour" and its themed Excellence first. It is a chance for saudi women from all around the country to come advertise and promote their own companies and form new connections. Most commonly women will have their own designs of abayas, jalabiya, evening gowns and other clothing for sale. There is also jewellery designers, catering companies, perfumeries, and wedding service companies.I really enjoy going to these functions, the women are relaxed, friendly, smiling and most of them are very beautiful, mashallah! I just enjoy watching the women in their normal clothing, just like in any big city around the world. Doesn't feel like KSA at all because you see so much uncovered women at a time! Most women will remove their abayas and hijab and will be dressed in stylish trendy clothing, usually with an arabic twist to it. Their thick long hair will be let down or made up in pretty hairdos.

I've found lovely abayas, jalabiyat and jewellery from exhibitions like these. The last one I went to was in Nayyara and it was a wedding exhibition. There were many talented ladies selling their designs.
THE blue abaya is from an exhibition. Exhibitions are a good way to follow the latest trends on abaya fashion.
Clothes on display are top quality, fabrics are luxuriuous, and so are the prices sometimes! But it's worth it. The quality of these abayas has no comparison to the ones you buy from stores. Each one is hand made and detailed.
A jalabiya is kind of like a thobe or a long kaftan dress, like the pics they can vary from the simple comfortable "at home" dresses to sparkling, embellished and embroidered fashion statements worn to parties.
It's worth going and something a bit different to do in Riyadh even you dont intend don't to buy anything, just walk around and browse the shops and have a taste of arabic coffee, dates and chocolates while you're at it. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Where can I buy this beautiful blue abaya in your post dated May 10, 2010. Can it be purchased online anywhere do you know? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Sister,

I see that you posted my question but did not reply. Not sure why you would bother posting it if you didn't intend to reply. Even stating you do not know would have been appreciated. Inshallah in the future try to reply to enquiries. It is the proper etiquette. You are European so I am surprised that you didn't deign to reply. Perhaps you are learning the manners of the region. Subhanallah.

Layla said...

Not a very nice way to remind me especially coming from a Muslim as yourself you could take a look at the tone of your post before hitting send. You come across very arrogant but I will still respond to you.
I read your message and wondered about which abaya you meant dated may 10,went through all posts there's no post May 10 so I got confused and forgot to reply..So please do clarify.
If you mean my blue abaya it's a designer abaya from an exhibition.

I get tons of comments on here and the other blog plus emails and I'm rally busy person on top of all this so I can't always reply to everything, would need a secretary for that!

P.S. Didn't you read the comments policy above where I request you to use nickname?

Layla said...

Your reply was so disgusting it will not be published. It was one of the most offensive comments I've ever received on this blog, so congrats on the achievement! will add to my hall of fame, ahem sorry SHAME. I saved it so I can use it in a future blog post as an example of how dirty some Muslim women talk to others, so thanks for giving me material :)Feel free to write more as well!

bigstick1 said...


Where is the fun it that. Now you have me wondering just how bad that comment could possibly be and just what muslim women say to each other. I think it would be a learning experience particular for us non-muslims. :)

Layla said...

bigstick-LOL well you will see it when I write that post someday :) Do you think there is something horribly wrong in how I responded to her?

Affinity for Modesty said...

That was really rude of her, the way she "reminded" you. Yeah, I'm with bigstick on this one, I'm wondering what the comment was like...however, Muslim or not, there's always disrespectful ppl in this world regardless of faith or lack therof, I know!

Layla said...

mrsbawazir-I thought so too and that's why I told her she "comes across as arrogant", the tone was just so condescending..
I honestly still don't understand which abaya she meant and the ones on this post are certainly not abayas, but jallabiyat as mentioned in the post :)

Rude people come in all religions,genders and ages.It's just a shame when she points out repeatedly how I'm supposed to "act like a Muslim" but look at how she is behaving and the stuff just got worse in her follow up comment.

So bigstick sorry to disappoint you but this is not how Muslims women usually speak to each other LOL

Affinity for Modesty said...

Maybe she was having PMS :) hehehe it is ok, some people are just not lucky enough to have good manners. Don't let her ruin your day!!! I'd like to share my experience though. We were on our honeymoon, in New York,USA. We were at a Farmers Market. I was looking through some fruits when this guy asked me if I was Muslim. Duh? you think? (I didn't wear the abaya, just jeans and a tunic but had a tarha on my head.) I wasn't sure what was coming, I thought maybe he's just curious so I said, Yeah. What came next was totally unexpected. He said, U know u going to Hell right??? I just stood there dumbfounded but my husband was so mad and was ready to hit the guy but I told him to just ignore the loser. It was hard enough for my husband to even obtain a visa to come here, I shall not have my honeymoon ruined by being deported or my husband thrown into interrogation for being Saudi who boxed a white guy in the face! It was just so rude of him to say the least, I mean, sure maybe u disagree with the fact that I'm Muslim but come on, telling me I'll go to Hell in public. Laylah, this world is full of rude ppl, I believe the best way to deal with it is either to ignore them or make them shut up :)

bigstick1 said...


As someone who doesn't believe in hell. I will just say - you not going to hell. Hope that helps for the fanatic in NY.

I would like to share with you a book that I think will broaden you understanding of my perspective. Interesting, I assure you.

A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam – by Karen Armstrong

Affinity for Modesty said...

@bigstick not going to hell

aww thanks :)I respect your perspective and thanks for the book suggestion. will see about it.

bigstick1 said...


It's okay you don't have to respect my position. However I have read the Quran, a large quanity of the hadith, the Reliannce of the traveller, and different accountings of Mohammad.

I have also read the Bible, Talmud, dead sea scrolls, the nag hammadi gnosis gospels, samaratian accountings, numerous historical events regarding the shaping of religion, etc.

Here is another good book:

The Hidden Origins of Islam by Karl-Heinz Ohlig and Gerd -R. Puin.

Sorry about the "you" it should have been - "your not going to hell"

I have a habit at times to rush through my comments as I have a couple of kids that want attention. So many times I don't go back and edit.

Like today, as work calls. Have a great day.

Still for whatever reason I cannot get the reply button to work for me. Something in the settings just a matter of finding it.