Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lower Your Gaze-Goggles

Finally the day is upon us when Saudi men no longer have to worry about forgetting to lower their gazes.
The ultra-orthodox Jewish organization 'Committee for Purity in the Camp' have gone and invented what the Saudi Committee of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice should have thought about a long time ago. They've just been too fixated on what women are wearing and doing to figure out the most simple of solutions; forcing all men to lower their gazes.
Check out this genius idea:

At least these ultra-orthodox Jews who came up with the idea acknowledge that THE MEN are the ones with the problem and need help.
Introducing the all-new Anti-Ogle Goggles.
Designed for men who cannot control their desires, whose eyes wander uncontrollably on all women. Especially recommended for the man who has urges to stare at even fully covered women. These blurring glasses come in handy for men who get offended by all those immodestly dressed women out there ruining the scenery. Uncovered faces and hair are no longer an issue! What you can't see can't offend you!

Just apply the blurring stickers on the special glasses and voila, you cannot see further than 2 meters! You are set to go even to a nudist beach! Your life will become like a blurry dream.
Special muttawa version includes headscarf for full vision block and portable screen to use in airplanes to filter out any womanly figures.

Just like all women in Saudi-Arabia, whether they want to or not, are obliged to cover their body with the abaya, I suggest all men are made to wear these goggles to block their gaze when in public.
The Surah from the Quran that tells believing women to cover their bodies also states "and tell the believing men to lower their gazes".
So in all fairness, men should be forced to lower their gazes and use the glasses just like the abaya is forced on women.

I always envisioned a sort of blinder similar to what horses wear coming in handy for some of the men I've encountered here. The problem is the man can still see the woman by turning his head. That would make it more obvious he is staring but some men don't seem to mind. So there is need to blur his vision completely but to allow him to see enough to walk around without bumping into things. The glasses would be the prefect solution.

The only problem with the blurring glasses would be the driving issue. Men might need to take the glasses off while driving to see further. They could thus continue to ogle women from the safety of their cars. But come to think of it most of the men already drive as if their vision were blurred beyond the hoods of their cars, so there wouldn't actually be much difference.


Jenny said...

That really is a funny invention. I wonder what the response would be if Saudi leaders decided to enforce vision-blurring glasses for men just like they do the abaya for women. It would certainly be fair and in keeping with the "letter of the law" (or an interpretation thereof)- but the thought of such an event makes me chuckle out loud. I'm sure it would not be well received!

DianneC said...

The original idea must have come from a woman! ;) And I agree - surely their driving couldn't be any worse than it already is if they were wearing them!

nicole said...

pretty sure my dad has a pair of these in the barn...except he uses them on his horses. so much for the argument that men aren't animals. ;)

Layla said...

I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to enforce!

Layla said...

Could be one of their wives :)

Layla said...

lol you mean the blinders or the goggles :)

A. Zahra said...

LOL, this is hilariously amazing! But i doubt they'll be any use as they just blur everything after 2 meters, be it man or woman!

Talal said...

I don't want to live in this world anymore...

Steve at the Pub said...

Very self-assured looking young fellow in that photo.
He must have achievements aplenty to have that much cockiness to him!

Anonymous said...

Now thats an Invention! lolz