Saturday, January 28, 2012

Search And You Will Find..Perverts!

Sometimes I like to check which Google searches bring people to my blog. The all time most searched have been (after blog name) jalabiya, muttawa, camels and desert rocks. Interesting.
But once in a full moon a sorry loser ends up on this blog while desperately searching for something completely different..

Sorry to disappoint all the pathetic Google searchers out there who were looking for:

abaya breast show- what? Freakshow! Get a life.

naked under abaya- no luck there either you creep. Although in this post I mention how some women DO go naked under the abaya, but no pics here you dimwit. And how would you even know if she's naked anyway?

hot arab women abaya- hmmm, sorry wrong site douchebag! And why do you want to see hot women in abaya anyways, dude it's gonna cover everything, duh!

hot abaya girl sexs with guy inside room dubai- what is up with 
this hot abaya obsession? Abaya is modest dress that covers the curves you twat!

hot arab guy long hair- you talking about my husband? Take a long hike.

morocco women beautiful marriage-  if you're looking to purchase a second wife online read my post on Moroccan Magic first. And then be very ashamed of yourself and go to your wife you sneaky slime ball.

finland sauna nude- yes in Finland people go to sauna naked, no biggie. Or were you looking for pics? Pervert!

touch me please- say what? You better Google someone punch me please next time!

hot saudi girl bb pin- Ya good luck with that you loser. Why don't you try this technique:
Although I have no idea what sane girl or woman would actually respond to it.

and a special mention goes to

we had so much fun in outer space- ya I know every time I go there we have like sooo much fun! OMG have you been to Ur-anus before?

For all you creepy crawlers out there why don't you do this Pathetic Pervert Test



Cheeky Chic said...

O my!! I too some times keep a tab on what people search me for..But it has never been that absurd..Give them a piece of mind,You did.
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You can visit this link on how to do add form on blog. Thats what I did ..:)

mizyƩna said...

LOL!!! Aamun parhaan naurut :D

Karen King said...

Love this one. Just when you think you've seen it all, another one comes along...

Karima said...

:) i love ur blog
im from Estonia its near Finland there ppl go in sauna too naked :) there ppl think that all other places ppl who go sauna or hamam and if they not naked they strange ... when i was small then we had public saunas in city where was all strange man and woman together ....
this time i havent think nothing but now ... i even dont go spa or beach in europa

Layla said...

Thanks for the comments! Nothing amazes me anymore, internet is full of freaks!

Layla said...

karimakene-thanks and welcome to my blog! Yes we hav those public saunas in Finland too, but usually they will have separate mens and womens side or turns.

monsoon78 said...

loool..u're so funny mashallah, keep up the good work sis:)

Jacinta said...

I came over here from the Bloggies (congrats on your nomination!) and found this post completely hilarious because I have been having the same issue on my blog. It's shameful really.

Layla said...

Jacinta-thank you so much! It's pretty creepy!

julieta said...


julieta said...

u make me laugh hhhahahha

Saadia said...
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