Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Saudi and his love for animals

Yesterday my husband told me the touching story of what he had done for a little stray kitten.
He was leaving work and was greeted by a little black and white kitten at the parking lot. The kitten started following him and walked behind him all the way to the car. When my husband opened the car door the kitten tried to jump in. My husband then picked it up and tried giving it water from his bottle. The kitten kept crying and wanting to come in the car.
It's still pretty hot outside and the kitten looked very weak and dehydrated. He then decided to go around the parking lot to see if there was a mother cat anywhere. He drove around and searched but did not find any other cats. It looked like this kitten was abandoned my the mother or then something happened to the rest of his family.
All the while the kitten was sitting in the parking space where my husbands car had been parked. It was just waiting for him there! So he drove back to the kitten which again jumped directly into the car. My husband then decided its best to take it somewhere safe, people drive reckless here and unfortunately many don't have any care in the world for stray animals and would not even care if they ran it over!

So he took it home to his parents house and gave the little guy a bath, fed it and played with it a little. Since I'm pregnant at the moment he decided not to bring it into our house because of the danger of it having toxoplasmosis or some other diseases. The kitten has found new kitten friends in the garden of his parents house where it has now a safe home and will be fed and get water everyday.

My husband is a good man, it warms my heart! You don't find men rescuing stray kittens on every corner. I'm very lucky to have such a kind-hearted man!


Dentographer said...

Congrats on the baby! my daughter is 10 monthes old and she is being followed soon by another in november :D

Soile said...

Ooooh, your husband is fab! I´m getting goose bumps! Rememeber our talk with the girls at the compound pool, just before I was leaving Saudi? I still feel the same about foreign vs finnish men ;-)

Layla said...

aahh yes, I remember that afternoon like it was yesterday! Ya I know what you're talking about :)