Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My interview on FHWS

Check out my interview on Tara Umm Omar's blog Future Husbands and Wives of Saudis here!

The interview was done originally by Umm Latifa of Arabya Saudyjska blog, but that version is in Polish :)

Thank you Umm Latifa and Tara!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's cool! I know Um Latifa's blog. It's a very nice interview! Thanks for sharing! I really liked your words about being open minded and "Don’t judge everything as inferior to your culture just because they are different. "

I like Johnny Depp :P

Dentographer said...

its rather shocking to know that u are still in the process of the approval,really frustrating for a couple that is in such harmony.

i went through the same process,wish you all the best from the heart.

Layla said...

@ Alice

Thanks :)Glad you enjoyed it!

@ Dentographer
Thank you for your support, inshallah things would progress soon!
How long did it take for you to get the permission?

Daisy said...

Salaam Sister. I have really enjoyed your blog... MashaAllah! I do have one question for you.. I read that you are pregnant.. Mabrook!! How does that effect you and your husband in Saudi when your Marriage is not recongnized yet? Will you be able to deliver in the hospital? What about the childs name? Can your husband be recognized as the father?

JazakaAllahu Khairn Sister...

Dentographer said...

it took me three weeks,but i was very fortunate...maybe because my wife is a healthcare professional which exempts her and consider her "less demanded"

Layla said...

three weeks! wow that sounds so surreal, for Saudi!I've never heard even the ones with wasta get it that quick, you were really lucky then!Maybe my husband would have to change to medical field too :D

@the first wife
We are going to Finland to have the baby, and later inshallah when we get the permission will have everything sorted out here. So baby will get his name and Finnish passport :)

TRG said...

You're welcome Laylah! I have returned to blogging and transferred the post to the main page...


Hope you like it insha'Allah. Take care, T