Sunday, June 13, 2010

Palla Mano exhibition for women

Another women's only exhibition this week in Riyadh!
This time it's going to be in the Four Seasons hotel, starting on tuesday 7 pm to thursday 11 pm.
I'm really excited about this one because they are going to choose the Saudi designer of the year 2010!
Also there will be are bazaars selling clothing like these exhibitions usually have, check out here and here.
This is what their website has to say:
"Palla Mano which means in Italian" Touch The Hand "the show is unique and the first of its kind and is an event where females seek to provide all what is new with all respect to fashion faand beauty in the world of high fashion with the participation of a group of talented fashion designers.

The exhibition will include on the first day the first competition of its kind in Saudi Arabia to select the best female designers in Saudi Arabia for the year 2010.
In second and third days of the exhibition there will be the opening of the exhibition "bazaar" and the exhibition "Queen of creativity". Present will be multi-talents with the attendance of elite businesswomen and women of society, the exhibition will be covered by many media outlets."

I am hoping to find colorful abayas, afterall it was at an exhibition like this that I found my Blue Abaya!
The venue is to show off talented saudi designers and their work.

I will post how it was after I've been there inshallah!

Edit:here's the link to the post!

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