Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Ten From Saudi-Edge of the World and more

I cannot believe how fast this past week went! Actually where did it go? I realized we only have two weeks left with mom staying with us in Riyadh. Times passes too fast when you're having fun!

This week I met up with some ladies and their kids in Riyadh, all non-Saudis married to Saudis. Among them were some fellow bloggers so it was extra interesting and what a lovely evening it was! I met Tara Umm Omar, the owner of Future Husbands and Wives of Saudis, American Girl from Undertheabaya blog and Umm Lujain author of Ramblings of a Saudi wife, all amazing, beautiful women I was so impressed! Check out their blogs too!

Last weekend we went to a place called the Edge of the World which is located about 70km outside Riyadh. It's a beautiful place I've gone to many times but this time was to show the place to my mom and she was really impressed. On the way we stopped to take pics of some camels. Directions and a complete guide to the Edge of the world can be found in this post click here.
This is the escarpment which is about 500miles long. The "Edge" is the cliff seen here in the far left.
It takes effort to reach it but the views are worth it. Despite the really hazy sky and a sandstorm blowing in the area, the view was stunning.
We were taking a walk in the DQ and I always thought this building looked like a spaceship and wanted to take a pic, but the guards would always forbid photographing it. This time the security officer laughed and just said ok, but please quickly so police won't see you!
We had some Arab guests over and we served them some Finnish foods. Typical Finnish desserts are these blueberry-raspberry pie and cinnamon rolls called "pulla". I had pearl sugar and rye flour from Finland to make them as original as possible. For the recipe I use to make the Finnish cinnamon rolls check out this post: http://blueabaya.blogspot.com/2012/08/finnish-cinnamon-rolls-korvapuustit.html
We also served the guests Saudi "wine" called JEW.Non-alcoholic of course.
Mom and my baby are relaxing at the lounge of Yibreen spa we went to have pedicures at.
At the mall we saw these arabic style dresses which my mom likes, but to me these look more Cruella Deville-style. I like wearing jalabiya at home sometimes, they are very comfortable and do also come in more simple designs! Check out the one in the far back it has even a collar the same as the evil cartoon character!
It rained this morning and this is the evidence, a few dots on the dusty table in the balcony. Note that the amount of dust came from just one day, which is typical to Riyadh. It's pretty frustrating to clean the dust everyday because it doesn't help to actually spray water form the hose on it, but needs always a thorough wipe to remove this nasty stuff! The lanterns are actually lamps from IKEA which never worked so I just removed the lightbulbs and put a candle in there.Looks pretty nice :)
So this week my daughter has been doing well with her potty training and she's just over 6 months old. Here she is reading a ducky-book while sitting on her ducky-potty while one of our cats is supervising. Kind of cute I thought.
Until next week!


Anonymous said...

asalam alaikum

Whaaaaaaaat!!!!??? @ picture 3... the leg close to the deep scared me!!!
very nice pictures.

stay safe


Anonymous said...

Dear Laylah,

A good post and I love it.

I've been following your blog since early this year (read that youve just gave birth) and awareness of just how time flies sunk in when you said your little one is potty-training.


Anonymous said...

nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pirctures! Thank you for sharing!

- EvilEyeLola

Anonymous said...

I read your blog since summer and I absolutely love it. Few days ago I heard about this -> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2063143/Saudi-women-attractive-eyes-forced-cover-resolution-passed.html
I know you live there for some time so I wonder what people in SA think about it?

Layla said...

Hind-taking that pic did make me feel a bit dizzy :)

thanks Alice and EvilEyeLola!

Layla said...

Hi anonymous and thank you!

Actually that news about women now having to cover "sexy eyes" is not true! I don't know how it started circulating but its everywhere around the media here too. So the Haia (religious police) issued a statement that its not accurate information.
Of course the correction has not been circulating like the original "news" has been..

Layla said...

Oh and please you a nick next time you comment it would be nice to "know" you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a quick answer. I thought it might be misunderstanding considering the fact that media loves to write about poor/humiliated/enslaved women in Muslim countries. I heard it from my friend and I wanted to check it. I don't know any better place to do it than your blog :)

It was my first comment here, sorry for being impolite by not giving any nick.


Layla said...

Zuza-that's alright no worries :)Welcome to my blog!

That story actually dates back to earlier this year when an incident occurred between a muttawa and a couple.The Haia guy thought the wifes eyes were too seductive and told her husband she needs to cover them,this ended up in a fight and as I recall, even stabbing(by the Haia)so they have taken this news out of context, its an isolated event by an obviously sick person..

Thanks for commenting I hope to see you around!