Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Awesomeness And How To Get Free Finnish Pancakes

I'm so thrilled to announce that Blue Abaya has been nominated for the second time as finalist in the category Best Asian Weblog at the annual Weblog Awards, The Bloggies! Blue Abaya is the only Middle-Eastern blog among the five finalists!

How awesome is that folks?

Like really amazingly awesome.

Thank you for those fans and readers out there who nominated Blue Abaya! Could not have done it without you :)

In fact I'm feeling so super duper happy and grateful that I promise Finnish pancakes and pulla for everyone if Blue Abaya wins :) In case you're Romanian, by 'pulla' I'm not referring to that certain organ, but a very special, fluffy and moist CINNAMON ROLL!

So, in order for you to collect your goodies, click on this link:

Scroll down to Best Asian category which looks like this:
Then scroll all the way down to enter your email address and word verification. Then go to your email and click on the link to verify your vote.
And you're done!
It only takes approximately 7-29 seconds depending on your typing skills and internet speed.
Surely you can spare me those few seconds right? Just think of that delicious pancake and heavenly pulla I'll be sending your way IF I win.

Check out and vote for other blogs too! Well except for the ones in my category hehe, although all of them are also awesome.
This is a great chance to discover new interesting blogs.
Some of my favorites:
BEST AFRICAN: My Marrakesh Beautiful photos, inspiring designs and ideas.
BEST PET BLOG: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. Cute, funny, entertaining.
BEST PARENTING BLOG: Parenting, Illustrated by crappy pictures Hilarious blog about parenting that every parent can relate to.
MOST HUMOROUS: The Oatmeal another illustrated blog that will have you laughing for hours!
                                    Suri's Burn Book Suri Cruise comments on fellow child celebrity outfits
BEST TRAVEL BLOG: The Unbrave Girl Interesting destinations explored by the very funny Unbrave Girl "encouraging scaredy cats since 2009"
BEST PHOTOGRAPHY OF A WEBLOG: Canvas of Light Simply stunning photography, amazing blog design.
BEST ARTS & CRAFTS BLOG: How about Orange? really cool and inspirational DIY ideas
WEBLOG OF THE YEAR: The Bloggess Possibly the best blog in the world IMHO



Alexandra said...

Voted! and well deserved hope you win.

Amy said...


The link you posted is for the 2012 contest. I think the link you need to post is

I went there and voted for you! Hope you win. I love your blog.


Abu_Adel said...

Done, I am a big fan. Hope you win ;-)

dB said...

Congratulations, I am really enjoying your posts.
... and I am a Romanian!! How come you know about that word? I laught many time about this coincidence, I even inteded to write a comment on this but I considered quite .. rude .. to mention it. :)

Soile said...

Done! Hope you win, I love your blog :-)

1 said...

Voted!!! awaiting pancake and pulla :)


Layla said...

Amy, thanks for the vote and for pointing that out, I was so tired when I wrote this I didn't even realize it was the wrong year :)

Layla said...

Abu Adel, thank you for being a big fan and voting :)

Layla said...

dB- thank you! I didn't know yo're Romanian haha when I first heard this I thought to myself, I will never look at a pulla the same anymore.

Layla said...

Thank you Soile!

Layla said...

Zeeshan-Thank you and hope you get your pancakes ;)

Sally said...

Congrats on your nomination! And thank you so much for mentioning my blog in the category of Travel. And I definitely have to agree with you on The Bloggess -- my fave blog out there!

Unknown said...

i voted for you and asked my friends and family members to vote for you and they did. Insha Allah you will win and i will get my Finnish pancakes too :)

Fatema S. said...

Salams Layla! I voted for ur blog. How will I get my goodies all the way in washington? :D

Diana Shamaa said...

Hhmm so like this look like those cinnamon roles, I am sure are very tasty, I already vote for you,I love your blog and I really believe you deserve to win. You are an amazing woman and I wish you good luck in everything you do.
P.S I appologise if my comment on facebook was rude (about these cinnamon roles)it wasnot my intention.

Bilkis said...

Voted! and I hope you win because your blog is truly awesome.All the best!

Layla said...

Hey Sally, nice to see you around :) You totally deserve the shout out and I hope Blue Abaya fans vote for you in the best travel category!

Layla said...

Thank you so much Ehsan you get a double dose for gong through all that trouble!

Layla said...

Thank you Fatema! Hmm, maybe will use FedEx or something lol

Layla said...

Diana Shamaa, thank you so much for your kind words and the vote!
No I did not find your comment rude at all I thought actually it was pretty funny :)

Layla said...

Thank you Bilkis I'm so glad to hear you like the blog so much :)

Umm Gamar said...

Good luck dear!

bigstick1 said...

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Voted from all my emails dear hoping you win because your blog is the best!
Maria from Hungary

Layla said...

Thanks Bigstick and Umm Gamar and Maria!

Anna said...

Hi Layla,

Although this is my first comment I am a huge fan of your blog, which I've been reading for quite a long time now.

I've just voted and I really hope you win!

All the best from London,


Layla said...

Thank you so much Anna you made my day!

Anonymous said...

Hi, and congrats!
I'm also an european expat living in Saudi, I've been reading your blog for a long time, even before I was an expat, just a visitor, and it's a wonderful way to see different approaches of Saudi life! And under the pressure from every friend and acquaintance I have I started my own blog, which covers a different point of view of the Saudi life, one of a single young woman, used to the life here from many years of visiting. a young and restless blog :)
You're an inspiration :) thank you!
P.s: I'm Romanian :)) (hence the choice of post)