Monday, November 26, 2012

Expats Blog Awards Nomination!

A few months ago I was nominated for the Expats Blog Awards 2012 by a Californian expat Kat who writes the Living In Greece blog. A big thanks for her for the nomination and also for letting me know of this new expat blog portal!
Do check out her excellent blog (and of course vote for her too!) here:

I got so busy with my newborn I totally forgot about the competition until recently when I saw other bloggers posting about it! There are many great expat blogs nominated as well, American Bedu, Jeddah Blog, and Undertheabaya to name a few. Honestly speaking I think American Bedu should win because she is like the queen of the expat Saudi expat blogs :)
But if you like Blue Abaya and would like to give me a review then you can do it here:
I would really, really appreciate it!! It's worth browsing through the site to find more blogs and info on the countries too.

The competition is partially based on reviews left by the fans and readers so I would really love if you guys could leave comments and feedback there! Just a short sentence saying why you like Blue Abaya and why it should win the best Saudi expat blog title.

On a side note, I have started to post images on my photo blog again! I can't promise to post there as often as before but will try my best.
I have recently started a Facebook page for Blue Abaya too! I wish I had done that when I started but better late than never! I'm posting about events and things to do around Riyadh as well as just everyday Saudi life, photos and random stuff on there.

Thanks to all the fans and readers out there around the world! I love hearing the encouraging feedback from you and it gives me so much motivation! Now if I could only find the time to post more! Next week I will be in Dubai and you can follow our road trip there on my FB page. See you there!


Affinity for Modesty said...

I strongly yet respectfully disagree that American Bedu should win as her articles are full of ignorance and meant as Islam bashing. For instance stating and I qoute "Islamic law still allows babies to be married of" is sheer stupidity. For someone who used to be a Muslim,she should know this isn't true.

Layla said...

Well Umm Gamar then I would hope to see a vote from you on the competition site saying why you think Blue Abaya should win!

Re american Bedu, the reason I think she should win is because of her many years of keeping up the blog,having such a variety of posts and informing people about KSA.. I for one as a blogger can appreciate that how much time is involved in keeping things up :)

Affinity for Modesty said...

Hehe Laylah,you're cute, ok you shall have my vote inshallah. I understand your sentiment about the efforts in keeping up a blog but we need a blog that is true and reliable and not simply to keep up popularity or make fitnah. Blog is a powerful outlet and can be used wisely to spread peace and harmony as well as valid information OR it can be used as a means to break people and cause fitnah and more problems.

Affinity for Modesty said...

Salam Laylah for some reason I was unable to vote for you. i tried but error many times. anyway, i hope you win inshallah.