Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Riyadh

Dear Riyadh!

I hope this letter finds you in good health and inshallah the dust is not covering you too much. How have you been doing otherwise? How is your great grandfather Old Diriyah doing? I have been wanting to visit him for a long time but it has been too hot! I heard he has done some serious gardening in Wadi Hanifa.

Is the traffic still overwhelming you and are the fumes making your lungs hurt? As a nurse I worry for your health! Perhaps you should get some more greenery and parks to ease the pain. I bet the people would enjoy having serene places like that too. Certainly they would prefer a park for their picnics instead of the dirty and dark parking lots or construction areas they use now. I honestly never understood why you allow those Princes to keep perfectly good land as empty wasteland in your best areas. Imagine how beautiful you could become! Like your name implies, "Gardens".

Speaking of construction, have you ever counted how many cranes you have? You must hold the world record, or perhaps your uncle-Dubai wins that title.
Have you ever considered obtaining some of those qualities your uncle has? Don't get me wrong, I am not implying you should become just like him. I know he has his faults. But everyone should always try harder and strive to become better cities don't you think?

Maybe a cinema would be just the thing to would cheer you up?
You could implement it with your own Saudi twist! Have a separate hall for women and men and put guards at the doors. That way you could keep the pests  muttawa out.

That reminds me, do you still have the problem with those cockroaches? They seem to get their tentacles into everything don't they! How will you ever get rid of them! I guess it's impossible to totally eliminate pests like that. Especially because the government is not helping you fight them off. I feel for you.

Do you think the streets cats deserve the bad treatment they get from most people here? After all they are God's creation and we must look after them, not try to kill them! I try to feed them every once in a while I hope you don't mind.

I wanted to ask you, have you seen any Saudi women driving on your streets? If you do please be mindful to them and fix those potholes, make clear road signs and set up street lighting. And do say hello from me!

Lastly I wanted to thank you for all the amazing experiences you have given me!

Riyadh, you are like a box of dates. One never knows what is inside unless they give it a taste first. Some people assume there's always just a hard seed and do not even bother taking a bite. If they only knew there are dates filled with nuts, cookies and even chocolates to be discovered!

Hope to hear from you soon!


*Cinderella* said...

masha allah very well written :) and very beautiful Laylah

Fajina said...

Like you rememberd me in your last post i will say mashaAllah!! A very interessting picture, and even the letter you`ve written is an interessting way to write about a town !!

Soile said...


Oon postannut mun ABC't.

Layla said...

Thanks Angel and Fajina!Soile I will check them out now!

Chick Flick Journal said...

mashAllah the way you rite is really good. Cute letter and I LOVE the picture!

Layla said...

Thanks CFJ!!

Ms Rosenstare said...

Onko sinulla tietoa jos blogi "Sand gets in my eyes" jatkuu jossain muualla?
Seuraan myƶs sinun kirjoituksia, mielenkiintoista luettavaa!

Layla said...

Moi Rosenstare!Kiitos kommentista! Tietaakseni ei jatku enaa, sen pitaja lopetti vahan sen jalkeen kun blogi blokattiin saudeissa..