Friday, July 12, 2013

Top 13 Things To Do In Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter In The Summer

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Things To Do In DQ In The Summer

1. Enjoy a fun day at the wave pool. The Sports Club outdoor pool area is definitely one of Riyadh’s hidden gems. A large wave pool, children’s pools, water slides, sun chairs in a garden setting and a restaurant offering healthy meals and fresh juices. What more can you ask for? Ladies and men’s days separately, membership required to enter.

2. Take a long unwinding walk on the nature trail that encircles the diplomatic quarters. The track can be accessed from anywhere on the parameters of the DQ. Along the 20km of the track, enjoy the wildlife, the breathtaking scenery of Wadi Hanifa and the cooling breeze from the valley and take a rest at one of the numerous shady parks along the way.

3. Enjoy an outdoor breakfast at Kindy plaza. Sit in the shade next to the cooling fountains and choose from a variety of different breakfast places such as Kudu’s, Diet Center, Quiznos and House of Donuts. Seating is open singles and families alike. Children and teenagers enjoy bicycling, roller skating and rollerboarding around the spacious plaza.

4. Visit the Prince Salman Science Oasis located off circle 4 inside the Sports Club facilities. The center offers interesting and fun activities for children and is a learning experience for the entire family. During the summer the center organizes various science courses for children.

5. Wander around the beautifully designed and lush gardens of the diplomatic quarter. Each has a unique design, indigenous plants and flowers, rest places, shaded walkways and playgrounds for kids.  All parks have attractive fountains to cool you down.

6. Visit the luxurious women’s only center Manahil for a day of pampering. In addition to the plentiful spa and salon services, Manahil offers a design shop, restaurant, gym, indoor pool, dancing and swimming classes for children and adults.

7. Dine in a relaxed and open setting at the Italian restaurant Scalinis, located in the Fazari plaza. Delicious Italian meals, abaya free area and no reservations required.

8. Take your bike out on the walking trail for an amazing work out with the best scenery in Riyadh! Make use of the numerous exercise stations along the track. Women can bicycle her freely without having to worry about their abaya getting caught in the wheels.
9. Feast your eyes on the eclectic and fascinating architecture of the Diplomatic Quarter buildings. World renowned architects contributed to the diverse albeit unique architectural style faithful to the Najdi region. Be sure to check out the Cultural Palace, Tuwaiq Palace on the edge of Wadi Hanifa, the Fortress America,and Kindy Plaza mosque and surroundings. From the embassies special mention goes to the Japanese, Ethiopian, and Indonesian embassies and the official residences of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

10. Play a game of football, basketball, cricket or any of your favorite sports at the Yamamah park located off circle 8. The park has a large and shady fountain area, various different children’s playgrounds, a large grass field, a soccer and basketball court, a mosque and a track perfect for walks and bicycling in the shade.
11. Enjoy the cooling breeze and fantastic views down to Wadi Hanifa with its hundreds of palm trees and historical Diriyah in the distance from the Annafel park. This park, located on the walking track close to Tuwaiq Kindergarten off circle 8 has three waterfalls and is the perfect place for a picnic!

12. Take horse riding lessons at the Al Aghar Equestrian club. The club also has a closed off poolside area available for renting by the hour, open to non members and families. Separate ladies and men’s days and family day is Friday.

13. Enjoy lunch or a refreshing drink on Riyadh’s only non- segregated outside terrace located on the plaza off circle 7. Choose your refreshments between Crepe World, Starbucks, Subway and Dunkin Donuts and sit under the cooling mists feeling worlds away from Riyadh’s hustle and bustle.


Anonymous said...

thanks very much for theses wonderful ideas! does someone knows if you can buy daily entries for the sports club or if there is an annual membership required?
thanks tanja

Anonymous said...

if only getting into the DQ wasn't such a hassle :/