Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Return of the Naughty Little Elves

You have probably heard and read about Manal al Sharif and the ongoing heated debate on women driving ban. I haven't wanted to write about it after this post because the whole issue just seems to be so worn out. Of course I remain hopeful that Manal's example of courage would trigger some real results this time.
The way the Saudi media just beats around the bush on the issue is just so frustrating to me. I'm tired of reading their crappy coverage and outright lies. And its just incomprehensible to me how religious clerics continue to come up with the most ridiculous excuses as to why women shouldn't drive. And yet again they have gone and blamed it all on the Shiia and other scapegoats. And people actually believe them!
I'm so bored of reading all the crap the media feeds us! They might have just as well written a fairytale about it and not even bothered to write anything else. It might have gone something like this:

A fairytale from the Magic Kingdom..

Starring: Manal Al Sharif as "Princess Lionheart "
             Shiias, Jews and Westerners as "the Elves"
             Religious clerics and Hai'a as "The Evil Wizards"
             Saudis as "The Fools"

Once upon a time in the Magic Kingdom there lived a Princess named Lionheart, she was known for being very couragous and smart.
One morning the Princess woke up full of enthusiasm: "Today I shall ride my carriage outside the walls of my castle, why do they have to make life for women such a hassle?" 
"I can rein my horses inside where its hidden, but why when I venture out is it forbidden?"
The more the Princess thought about this nonsense, she became convinced now was the time to make the women driving ban past tense.
She knew quite well that the Evil Wizards would say "woman, how do you dare!" But the Princess thought of all the poor women that suffered and did not care.
So on she went, with her brother in tow. The children were seated in the backrow.
She rode her golden carriage, and showed all the people her tremendous courage.
But all hope was lost when the guards came, she was stopped and put to shame.
Why, she asked do you stop me, have the Evil Wizards cast a spell on thee?

Back at the palace in the dark of the night, the guards of the Evil Wizards had heard of her fight.
They dragged the Princess into jail, and her plees for freedom were of no avail.
She was asked to confess to the Evil Wizards, but she couragously replied  "I would rather eat lizards!"
For five days she lay on the dungeon floor, only food was brought to her door.
The Wizards were worried and dreaded, could their spell on the Magic Kingdom be beheaded?
They had cast the spell of darkness over the Kingdom long ago, now they were in danger to be exposed by this foe!
"We must again blame the elves, those naughty little elves, it's the only way to save ourselves!"
"They will believe it again those fools, look how we already fiddled with their schools!"

So the Evil Wizards told the people of the Magic Kingdom:
The elves only want to cause chaos and turmoil! Thank us that we keep them away from our soil!

They have done it again. Those sneaky, naughty little elves!
They managed to creep into the castle of the Princess! Hear her now how she will confess!
"The elves tiptoed at night into my room, because I am a poor woman without a groom."
"They whispered into my ears when I slept, this is a secret best to be kept: Go and ride your carriage outside the palace walls! Do it on June 17th and drive to malls! Tell others to follow you! Do this and no harm will come to you! You will enjoy riding in your carriage outside in the freedom! What a perfect magical Kingdom!"
"I had no understanding of my actions, I am but a foolish woman that wanted male attraction."

So the fools believed the lies of the Wizards and all was well in the Magic Kingdom, but Princess Lionheart remained locked up in the dungeon.
To this day her voice can be heard in the tower, "You will never break my spirit and women will one day take power!"
And the Evil Wizards laughed into their beards, we rule the Magic Kingdom by creating these fears!

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Marrvelous! The princess has now been freed but it looks like the wizards might have brainwashed her in there afterall lol

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