Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Security alert during Ramadan

I just learned that the US embassy and consulates around KSA have issued a high alert security warning. The Finnish embassy has not sent any info about this so I thought it's better to post this just in case to spread the word.
The following information was published for U.S citizens to practise caution during Ramadan. This of course applies to all westerners because to extremists western looking people are potential Americans in other words targets.
Although Ramadan is supposed to be the month of good deeds and actions for Muslims, sadly terrorists might think it is the perfect time commit these awful crimes "in the name of God"and double their rewards. Islam teaches that during the Holy month, all good deeds are doubly rewarded by God. Naturally these sick people would see killing Americans as a good deed.

The following statement was issued:
We have received credible information that an unidentified extremist
in Saudi Arabia may be planning to attack Westerners working and living in
al-Qasim, Saudi Arabia. The timing and method of potential attacks are
currently unknown. The U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Consulate General Dhahran
and Consulate General Jeddah remind U.S. citizens to exercise prudence and
enhanced security awareness at all times.

Most personnel experience relatively few security concerns; however,
situations can change suddenly. Regardless of where you are, it is always
advisable to keep your security and situational awareness levels high.

Please follow these good security practices:
Do not be time and place predictable. Vary your routes and times to and from
work. Do not frequent the same shops with regularity;
Know where you are going and have a plan of what to do in the event you
encounter demonstrations or violence;
Identify safe areas (for example police stations, hospitals, Saudi
Government buildings) in your area and how to get to them quickly;
Avoid crowds or large gatherings when traveling in public;
Tell co-workers or neighbors where youre going and when you intend to
Minimize your profile while in public;
Always carry a cell phone and make sure you have emergency numbers
pre-programmed into your phone.

I wish everyone a peaceful and happy Ramadan despite these evil peoples efforts to ruin it. Inshallah they will be stopped before any harm is done.

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