Monday, June 7, 2010

Camel Milk & Urine Medicine

I once had a patient with liver cancer and the family told me he is on camel's milk and urine treatment.
My first reaction was, ugh that is just disgusting! I had heard before of the benefits of camels milk but never thought too much about it.
However now I wanted to look into it more because they told me it has been researched and proven to have many beneficial and medicinal qualities.

There are Hadith about the Prophet Mohammed prescribing camels milk and urine as a treatment, so its benefits have actually been known by arab muslims for centuries.

"A group of people came to Medina, became ill and their bellies got swollen ..the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of Milch camels and to drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they went as directed and after they became healthy.."Sahih Bukhari, (Volume 1, Book 4, Number 234)"
An old remedy
I was surprised to find that urotherapy has actually been used around the world for treatment of various illnesses throughout times. Some used cow's urine, goats urine, and even humans own urine! In fact today the urine of pregnant horses is used for womens menopausal treatment. The medicine contains Premarin which is extracted from the urine.

Unique composition
Camel’s urine contains a number of healing factors such as antibiotics (bacteria that are present in it, salts and urea). The camel possesses an immune system that is highly equipped to combat funguses, bacteria and viruses, because of the antibodies that it contains. The most beneficial urine is that of the Bedouin camels known as najeeb.

Broad spectrum use
Camels urine is a known remedy for low libido throughout times. It aids in bone growth in children and in strengthening the heart muscles. It may be used as a cleansing agent for cleaning wounds and sores, especially the urine of young she-camels. It also helps humans to grow their hair making it become strong and thick. Came urine helps to prevent hair loss and baldness, and can be used to treat dandruff.

Camel urine may also be used to treat blood clots and fibrinolytics may be derived from it. The urine may also be used to treat dropsy (which is caused by a deficiency in albumin and potassium camel’s urine is rich in both). Camel’s urine may also provide a remedy for abdominal complaints, liver diseases like hepatitis, and liver cirrhosis. Studies show it has a hepatoprotective (liver protecting) effect.

Came urine and treatment of cancer
Camel urine has been researched and found to have cytotoxic effects, comparable to the standard drug cyclophosphamide:
Recently a Saudi female scientist has done extensive research on the benefits of camel urine and milk. Dr. Faten Abdel-Rahman Khorshid has been researching camel urine at King Abdul Aziz University for seven years and has since received an award for gold medal for innovation in the Kingdom in 2008. Her research was chosen one of the top six innovations of the year 2009 at the International Innovation and Technology Exhibition.

Khorshid is combining specific amounts of camel milk and urine to develop her medicine and focuses on particular types of cancer, including lung cancer, blood cancers, stomach cancer, colon cancer, brain tumors and breast cancer.

Camel Milk Formula
My patients relatives gave me the specific formula dr. Korshid created for the treatment. It starts with a single dose of camels milk (30 ml) to be taken in the morning before breakfast. The milk should be hand milked from a wild grazing grass-only eating camel. The formula then proceeds in stages (if patient is tolerating) doubling the amount of milk, then to be taken twice daily until patient is taking 360 mls milk twice daily. The next phase then starts combining the milk with small amount urine (5mls) and increases slowly as tolerated.

Dr. Korshid concluded in her research that nano-particles in camels urine may help treat cancer!

Healing Milk
Camel's milk has numerous healing factors and the close analysis of camel milk shows medicinal potential. The milk protein lactoferrin, which is present in large quantities in camel milk (ten times higher than in cow milk), has some anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Fermented camel milk is high in lactic bacteria, which have been shown to be effective against pathogens including Bacillus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and Escherichia. Vitamin C content in camel milk is generally double that in cow's milk.
Camel's milk causes a noticeable reduction in diabetic patients sugar levels and is beneficial for diabetic management.

Here's an interesting study on camel milk as an adjuvant therapy for the treatment of type 1 diabetes: Verification of a traditional ethnomedical practice

The beneficial effect of camel milk in diabetic nephropathy:

Camel milk and its effect on treatment of hepatitis:

Camel milk and urine might have some huge medicinal potential in them but it definately needs more research.. In the future camel owners might be (even) more rich than they are now!


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